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IN THE NIK-o-time

Nikmaq is building the infrastructure and connectivity between Canadians to keep our economy and people moving while incorporating the most efficient, cutting edge technologies available.


Many drivers are making the change to electric. Cheaper purchase prices, gas, and maintenance, as well as reduced emissions, make switching to electric an attractive option. Electric vehicle drivers are also eligible for rebates and tax credits, increasing the potential of further savings.

We offer professional electrical services for installing electric vehicle charging stations in residential and commercial spaces, with three charging options:


Level 1

120 Volts

  • The slowest charging option

  • A common option for (single)-residential charging

  • Charger is connected to a standard 120-volt wall outlet

  • Able to provide a 4-6 miles of range for each hour of charging


Level 2

208/240 Volts

  • Faster charging option, often not included with purchase of electric vehicle

  • Requires dedicated 208 or 240 volt circuit

  • Electrician is required for installation and any service panel upgrades

  • Can provide 25-40 miles each hour of charging

  • A common option for commercial


Level 3

480 Volts

  • Fastest charging option

  • May be used for public charging

  • Will require 480 volt service

  • Able to provide up to 3 - 20 miles of range each minute of charging


We offer professional electrical services for installing electric vehicle charging stations in residential and commercial spaces, with three charging options.

There currently are two different types of electric vehicles:


Battery Electric Vehicles


Plugin Hybrid Vehicles

Both of these types of electric vehicles run on electricity, or an electricity-gasoline hybrid combination. When the battery depletes, it would be recharged using electricity from a charging station. 

Charging stations can be installed both residentially or commercially. We want to make it as easy an as quick as possible to charge your vehicle so you can go anywhere, anytime. 


Nikmaq also retrofit services to upgrade your lighting to be more efficient. 
We’re leading the switch from inefficient, costly lighting to efficient, affordable LED lighting.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Free audits on existing lighting

  • Independent and reliable installation

  • Incorporating dimmers and timers as right-sizing your lighting needs

  • Incorporating efficiency rebates provided in each province

  • Take care of all the paperwork


At Nikmaq, we’re proud to work with local partners to support and drive the Canadian economy forward. We’ve assembled a team of Canadian-based manufacturing partners that are well-equipped to serve your needs and exceed your expectations. We take care of getting you what you need at every stage, seamlessly delivering it from our doorstep to yours. 


Nikmaq is a proud Mi’kma’ki business based in traditional lands in current-day Atlantic Canada. The word Mi’kmaq is originated from the term nikmaq, referring to friends and kin.


We strive to support the values of the First Peoples in Canada. Nikmaq is a solutions-oriented business that is building the infrastructure and interconnected network needed to bring Canadians together. We have a strong sense of stewardship towards the communities we serve.


We’re guided by the principles of accessibility, sustainability, and inclusion. We work with partners across Canada, cultivating relationships across the public, non-profit, and private sectors to deliver our services effectively and efficiently. We prioritize adaptability, minimizing our carbon footprint, and integrating climate resilience into every step of our practices as we drive towards a more sustainable future.




George was born in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador. He has lived in Halifax since 1979. He lives with his wife Jocelyn and his three sons.  

George has been an entrepreneur all of his life. After leaving Newfoundland with twenty dollars in his pocket, he started McCarthy’s Roofing. The organization quickly grew to 250 employees, generating over $25 million in annual revenues.  George sold McCarthy’s Roofing in 2022.  

George also started Orion Cannabis, a fully operating production facility that he later sold. 

He is excited for this new venture, where he will put years of construction experience and knowledge into helping governments and organizations source goods and services.

George is the recipient Bowman Award from the Construction Association of Nova Scotia for 25 years of service.  

George is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys his summers back in Stephenville where he gets to reconnect with nature. He has given back to the community by donating multiple roofs to non-profits as well as coaching minor hockey for over 20 years.

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